The Adult Literacy & Technology Network is a national effort dedicated to finding solutions for using technology to enhance adult literacy.

Mission Statement: To provide leadership in the application and use of technology to enhance international adult literacy by means of conferences, training, technical assistance and communication media.

Goals: 1. To support development of technology in adult literacy programs, applying the unique capabilities of technology to management and instruction, and to help provide solutions for the national problem of functional illiteracy. 2. To create an effective dissemination system which will provide ready access to information on computers and other forms of technology, including selection of hardware and software, training, curriculum design, funding, evaluation, and organizational recommendations for adult literacy programs.

History: In November, 1985, the Adult Literacy and Computers Conference held in Spring Hill, Minnesota brought together a group of 50 experts on the uses of computers in adult literacy. The conference was designed as a "think tank" to speculate on how technology might be used as one method to cope with the national problem of adult functional illiteracy. As an outgrowth of the Spring Hill Conference, a national Adult Literacy & Technology Steering Committee was formed. The purpose of the Steering Committee was to look at the uses of computers and other technologies in finding solutions for achieving adult literacy.


For information about this Web site, or for additional information about ALTN, please contact:

David Collings
Chair, Adult Literacy and Technology Network